MEST - a brief introduction

MEST strives to deliver reliable solutions. We know that reliability and trust keep our custmers coming back. We therefore focus all our efforts into this ambition.

The MEST group is divided into three business areas:

  • MEST Yards in Tórshavn and Skála providing construction, conversion and repair of vessels and oil rigs
  • Fish processing equipment division at MEST Runavík which specialises in equipment from stainless steel
  • PAM Offshore Service supplying high quality skilled personnel to the offshore industry in Norway – seeking to widen its horizon to other markets

With experience from the beginning of this century, MEST is a company with well-educated and energetic employees and the latest technology in production and repairs.

The activities mainly include building, refitting and repairing ships, as well as manufacturing stainless steel equipment for industry on land and at sea.

Umleið 500 starvsfólk, herav áleið 70 lærlingar, eru knýtt at virkseminum her á landi. Okkara starvsfólk eru serkøn innan stál, el, mekanikk, hydraulikk, timbur, og máling. Eisini selja vit eykalutir, umboða ymiska útgerð og veita tænastur við togarum og kranum.

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