Docking & Facilities


MEST strives to deliver reliable solutions. This strenghtens the well-being on board and provides profitability for our customers.
MEST has shipyards in Tórshavn and Skála with three berths and a dock. Large construction halls and workshops with modern equipment mean that all work can be carried out in the same place.
  • Repairs - steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Engine repairs
  • Surface treatment
  • Services of various kinds


Our presence in the offshore industry has contributed to our emphasis on documentation and efficiency in our daily work. In our three berths, we have the opportunity to receive ships up to 2500 tons. We have a dry dock, construction halls, modern workshops and design & project department. MEST is well equipped to take on new constructions, conversions and repair works. Our well-trained workforce has plenty of experience in undertaking maintenance tasks and repairs for a wide range of customers in the Faroe Islands and the countries around us. Our 500 employees have all the necessary qualifications in: Electric, steel, machinery and surface treatment.


North berth

Length: 80 meters
Wide: 14,5 meters
Weight: 2.500 ton

Building hall 1

Length: 56 meters
Wide: 30,0 meters
Height: 11 meters

South berth

Length: 70 meters
Vídd: 10,5 metrar
Vekt: Upp til 700 tons

Building hall 2

Length: 30 meters
Wide: 13,0 meters
Height: 8 meters



Length: 90,0 meters
Wide: 14,0 meters
Weight: 1.100 ton


Length: 115,0 meters
Wide: 20,0 meters
Depth: 6,5 meters
Azimuth well: 7,8x4,8 meters - Depth: 4,0 meters

Berth building hall

Length: 60,0 meters
Wide: 13,0 meters

New Dock in 2025

Length: 150,0 meters
Wide: 30,0 meters
Depth: 12,0 meters

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