We offer a large selection of hydraulic equipment. Both for land and sea-based industries. In addition to stocking hydraulic equipment, we can also manufacture hoses and carry out on-site repairs.

Orders can be made by calling +298 791100 or message us at sales@mest.fo, where we respond immediately.


We can supply all normal spare parts for hydraulics, such as: 

  • Hydraulic hoses from 1/4" to 2"
  • Hydraulic hoses for fish pumps  
  • Metrical fittings - Galvanized and stainless steel from 6 mm to 42 mm 
  • JIC fittings - Galvanized and stainless steel 
  • BSP fittings - Galvanized and stainless steel
  • ORFS fittings - Galvanized 
  • Plastic pipe holders (6mm to 114 mm)  
  • Test fittings 
  • Manometer & Vaccumeter 
  • Hose protection
  • Hydraulic motors (OMP, OMPW, OMR & OMSU) 
  • Hydraulic pumps 
  • Hydraulic filters 
  • Hydraulic valves 

The pelagic fish fleet on the Faroe Islands and abroad needs large hydraulic hoses. These are long hoses in 2" and 11/2". They are often up to 20 meters long and heavy to process.

To facilitate the work efficiently, machines have been set up and a long pipe chute.

A foundation is set up which allows the machine to be turned over and this makes the work much easier. With these machines, we can easily produce hoses in the sizes and lengths that the customer wants. 

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Message us at sales@mest.fo or call us at tel +298 79 11 00