V-Belts & Transmissions

Vbelts & Transmissions

We posess the country's largest selection of V-belts, couplings and transmissions in stock.

Orders at our stores can be placed at: Tel +298 791100 or sales@mest.fo - where we respond immediately!


Axle couplings from Spidex makes it possible to assemble shafts or flanges together with a plastic wear ring.

Dentex transfers the rotational force between two hubs with nylon sleeves

MEST is a representative of JENS S in the Faroe Islands And we stock a large selection of V-belts such as:

  • Type A belts
  • Type B belts
  • Type C belts
  • Type SPA belts
  • Type SPB belts
  • Type SPZ belts
  • And several others

Pulleys for v-belts

  • Pulleys for A-B-SPZ v-belts and several others.
  • Up to 5 grooves
  • Taperlock bushes

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Message us at sales@mest.fo or call us at tel +298 79 11 00