Plastic welding services


We deliver accurate and documented plastic weldings and installations of PE pipes on the site or in our modern workshop.

Our welding team is located in the middle of the Faroe Islands, in our 2000 m2 workshop in Runavík.

In recent years, we have focused on building a strong team of plastic welders at MEST. Today we have a strong core team that includes 12 PE welders. They have all undergone extensive training and received instruction from specialists in the area. If necessary, we have many craftsmen in addition to the team who can be called on. Our craftsmen are regularly trained to maintain knowledge and expertise - this in order to offer high quality and service to our customers.

We ensure that plastic welding from us is delivered with high quality, precision and looks good.

  • Certified welders travel all over the country
  • EL-weldings
  • Extruder-weldings
  • Butt welds
  • Sleeve weldings

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Pipe and plastic spare parts in the shop 

We have a large stock of plastic parts which includes: 

  • PE-Pipes and fittings 
  • PP-pipes and fittings 
  • Wells and tanks 
  • Valves, sliding damper and actuators

The plastic welding team travels all over the country and on board ships. In the photo gallery you can see some of our work.

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Message us at or call us at tel +298 79 11 00