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The history

The story about the four companies that became MEST P/F

Tórshavn Shipyard

After Kjartan Mohr acquired knowledge of shipbuilding in Denmark, and since working building ships in Tórshavn harbour, he founded amongst others, "Tórshavn Shipyard". Besides Kjartan, the founders were Jógvan Zachariasen, Zacharias Heinesen, Hans Jacob Joensen, Jógvan Hansen, Jákup á Dul and Jakku í Stórustovu.

When Kjartan died in 1979, his son, Poul Mohr, took over as director of Tórshavn Shipyard. The activities grew and changed over time and together with Poul, his son, Gunnar Mohr became the third generation when he took over as director in 1999. The Tórshavn Shipyard was in 2004, sold to the investor company "Notio".

Skála Shipyard

The beginning of the foundation of the Shipyard in Skála was in 1901. It was two shipowners from Tórshavn, Jens Andreasen, who was called Jens í Dali and Sørin Muller, who took the initiative. An old slipway was bought from England and was transported to the Faroe Islands with "Vigil Star", which Jens í Dali owned. 

Then work was done on making the substrate and laying out the bedding. And in the month of May 1904, the first ship used the slipway. The ship was called "Saphire" and was owned by a business organisation in Tórshavn.

In 1997 the Skála Shipyard was bought by Tórshavn Shipyard.

Vestmanna Shipyard

Vestmanna Shipyard was founded by Ólavi á Heygum in 1898. On 18 May 1898 the first ship was lifted into the berth and it was the smack "Vágoy".

The founder of Vestmanna Shipyard, "Ólavur á Heygum", was not old when he died. He died on June 15, 1923, only 56 years old. At the shipyard, 6-7 motorboats were built, otherwise most of the work was on repairing smacks. In the winter, all the ships on Vágoy came to Vestmanna for repairs in addition to the ships that already belong to Vestmanna.

In 1986 Tórshavn Shipyard bought Vestmanna Shipyard.

FJM Runavík

FJM in Runavik was founded in 1986 with Frithleif Olsen as director. The purpose of the company was to offer services and manufacture equipment for the fishing industry, mainly of stainless steel. 
 In 2004, the company was bought by the investor company "Notio" and merged with the shipyards. 

The companies change their name to MEST in 2008

In 2008, it was decided to change the name so that all the companies in the group were marketed under a common name. All are now marketed under the name MEST, which stands for machine, electricity, steel and wood. 

Since 2010, Mouritz Mohr has been the director at MEST, and during this period the company has gone through an approach where the activities are adapted to the conditions in the market. In 2014, P/F Krúnborg took over the company and since then the activities have increased considerably. The company employs approx. 400 employees, in addition to the 100 who work at the subsidiary PAM Offshore, which works within the offshore industry.