Job experience


At MEST, we are happy to collaborate with students and therefore we offer internships to students within e.g. project department where you can challenge yourself in various technical areas. In addition, we also offer opportunities in our sales and purchasing department amongst other departments. 

As an intern at MEST, you really get to try yourself in practice and have a good opportunity to collaborate with experienced people. You mainly decide which tasks you work on in your internship. This is so that you can gain experience in the areas in which you are interested in. 

The purpose is that you as a student get the opportunity to use the tools you have been given in connection with your education. In addition, the purpose is to prepare you for the labor market and for the many challenges you may face in your career. 

Maybe you are in this situation: 

  • You are a student in project engineering, mechanical engineering, economics or similar. 
  • You are interested in the maritime area or part of the development of the industry on land. 
  • You might want to become part of a company in great development. 
  • You have the courage and desire to familiarize yourself with new areas of work. 

Unsolicited application for internship

If you are interested in an internship at MEST, contact us by sending an application here.

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