Jú meiri avbjóðandi uppgávan er jú meiri spennandi er tað fyri starvsfólkið á MEST. Vit hava í mong mong ár staðið fyri ymiskum umbyggingar verkætlanum. Vit hava longt skip, bygt skip um frá at vera frálandaskip til at gerast avlúsingarskip fyri alivinnuna og bygt hæddir omaná skip.

Below you can see some of the latest referral projects from MEST

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Conversion of "Thor Omega"

The conversion of Thor Omega - This project was about building and inserting a new section under the bridge. In the new section, there are 15 double rooms, toilets, etc. The section was built in our construction hall and the bridge was raised from the ship while the section was being fitted. The bridge could then be put back on top of the new section.

Conversion of "Bakkanes"

Conversions of Bakkanes - The work to convert Bakkanes into an FSV service ship included, among other things, sandblasting, painting, installation of four Melcal cranes, winches and six capstans. In addition, MEST was responsible for installing a new de-lousing system and the "A-frame." The A-frame was designed and produced at MEST for handling the hoses of the de-lousing system.

M/S Martin

MEST have designed and manufactured a 12 meters high and 8,5 meters wide A-Frame and installing a modern de-lousingsystem onboard MS Martin.


Norðborg - Changed the engine block in the ship. The work revolved around cutting a hole from the engine room to the underburden up to the overburden. Large rails and carriageways were laid in the ship as load-bearing steel structures. It was also necessary to build two trawl buckets to lift the block in the overburden. In the end, a hole was cut in the side of the ship and the old engine lifted out through the side.