At MEST, all projects are very different from each other and encompass all kinds of tasks. At MEST, we have developed our own approach to project management. This enables us to improve ourselves and meet deadlines. We regularly hold courses in this approach for our employees and strive to deliver reliable solutions.

Below are some examples of interesting projects from MEST:

    • Jákup Sverri, handed over in 2020 to the Faroe Islands national government - A very modern ship, which was handed over at an agreed price and agreed time. 
    • Miðvík, catamaran handed over in 2017 to Bakkafrost. A catamaran that has worked well and was delivered at the agreed time and agreed price. 
    • Artic Viking, replaced the main engine and both auxiliary engines, in addition to various updates. The work went well and was delivered at the agreed time and price.  
    • Norðborg, new engine block inserted in 2020 
    • Thor Omega - a large conversion where a large floor is built on top of the ship - handed over in 2021 at the agreed time and price. 

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