In the past 120 years, MEST has handed over 123 ships in all. 13 well-trained engineers work in our design and project department. We are always ready to offer advice within construction equipment and software. MEST undertakes all parts of the approach:

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  • Concept design
  • Contract basic and concrete design
  • Stability and slope calculations
  • Building calculations, FEM
  • Drawings and hull construction
  • Thickness measurement and DNV approved reports
  • Project management

The production of the hull is done in collaboration with an Eastern European shipyard - where we follow the work closely with our own specialists. We cooperate with sub-suppliers both in the Faroe Islands and abroad. We carry out the construction in close cooperation with the shipping company to ensure the best solutions. In the whole approach, MEST provides advice and help within: Overall design, planning, detail design and selecting the most suitable subcontractors.

MEST strives to deliver reliable solutions. We know that reliability and trust keep our custmers coming back. We therefore focus all our efforts into this ambition.

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