Videos about MEST

Probably one of the most quiet vessels in the world

New Oceanic Research Vessel from MEST Shipyard in the Faroe Islands
The new research vessel is probably one of the most quiet vessels in the world – according to recognised underwater noise measurements. The ship, is built under the Silent-R class, which is for vessels requiring extremely low underwater noise radiation.

In addition the vessel is equipped with a drop keel enabling the sensitive instruments to be lowered 3 m below the bottom of the vessel, and thus have optimal working conditions.

Jákup Sverri - MEST 2020

Video about the activities at MEST

In collaboration with the company Polarfilms, a video was filmed about the activities at MEST. This is intended as an informative trailer for Faroese and foreign companies who have limited knowledge of us as a company.

Delivery of "Ísborg" in 1964

Video editing by: Zakaris Hammer and Johan Vang

Recording: Johan Vang

Music: Beinta Háberg Jacobsen

MEST Shipyard, Skála drone view

Source: Ólavur Frederiksen

West Hercules 2014

Source: Kringvarp Føroya