Wind turbines & District heating


MEST wants to participate in the green energy transition and has been a player in these areas in recent years: 

  • Distric heating 
  • Wind turbines 
  • Sea energy
  • Green energy solution for catamaran

In the district heating area, MEST has for many years been responsible for laying district heating pipes in Suðurstreymoy. The project was carried out in collaboration with contractors who carried out the excavation work. This is a job that requires endurance and stubbornness and so far the work has gone very well.

Wind turbine energy area - in 2019 MEST signed an agreement with the German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon regarding the inspection and maintenance of Enercon wind turbines in the Faroe Islands. The collaboration includes the wind turbines in Húshaga, Neshaga and Porkerishaga. The collaboration with Enercon triggered 8 employees at MEST to undergo extensive courses in Sweden over several months. This has initially been technical courses, practical work in Sweden followed by sideman training in the Faroe Islands. MEST thus has a team that can take care of maintenance and inspection of wind turbines - also installations and repairs.

In the sea energy area, Minesto chose to collaborate with MEST with spare parts and tasks in relation with this project.

The first "zero-emission" catamaran in the Faroe Islands was built by MEST. MEST has designed a catamaran that is powered exclusively by electricity and is to be used in the Fish Farming industry. The catamaran is the result of the winning proposal in a competition for a green energy solution for workboats. MEST follows the trend in the green energy transition and wants to develop in this area.

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