Catamaran Workboats - 1508W

MEST Shipyard is striving to design workboats that give our customers the best possible worktool, resulting in savings and higher revenues for the operator. As an example the hull shape has been optimized for this line of catamaran work vessels. This type of boats has become 1 meter wider and has a crane with the capacity which is twice the normal for this line of work boats.


This system is designed to automate the processes in order to reduce the manual labor required and provide a safer working environment. The thawing process ensures the fish is brought up to the correct temperature while the chilling process works to quickly bring down the temperature after the thawing process.

Barge - 2515B

MEST Shipyard offers steel barges to suit most requirements within the fish farming industry. We design and manufacture the hull for the barges and undertake any relevant installation work which the customer might require.

Eykalutir / Spare Parts

It is easy to order spare parts from the largest spareparts store in the Faroe Islands. MEST is the largest industrial company in the Faroe Islands with 500 employees. We understand your needs and enable you to reduce downtime of your equipment. Our Spareparts and Technical team is ready to assist you 24/7 – and deliver directly to you – anywhere

Loysnir og útgerð til framleiðsluvinnuna

It is very important for us at MEST Processing Equipment to ensure a solution for our customers that is solved in the most effective way. With the rigth people and with modern equipment we are always ready to solve both big and small challenges.

A Modern Shipyard in the Faroe Islands

MEST SHIPYARD is a modern company with traditions dating back to 1898. Our highly skilled and motivated workforce have years of experience in servicing our broad range of customers. MEST diverse workforce is specialised in mechanics, steel, electricity, timber and paint. To undertake larger challenges we have a modern projects- and drawing department, a comprehensive spares department, a number of general agencies as well as rental of tugboats.

Útgerð til pelagisk skip

MEST hevur stóra goymslu av fittings til fiskapumpuslangur. Okkara fittings eru viðgjørd fyri at vera mótstøðufør mótvegis sjógvi. Eru ynskir um onnur fittings, so set teg í samband við okkum. So veita vit tað skjótt til tín.